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Where is trash?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

It's easy in KDE. You don't think about that as you just right-click on that trash icon in the panel or on desktop and empty trash.

But what when you use a minimal window manager like openbox which doesn't really provide you with anything for managing trash. That's when we have to know where does actually stuff we delete go when we delete it (not really "deleted" in fact, but yeah).

If you go digging you'll find multiple locations where trash goes. Stuff you delete as root goes to the different place sometimes then trash deleted as normal user.

I think GNOME also sends it to another location than KDE.

I am using openbox with thunar file manager (future xfce file manager). So, where does it send trash? I suspect it's /.Trash-0

Oh and sometimes trash goes to a special invisible trash directory on its own partition, like in my /mnt/data..

So, does anyone knows all or most of the usual trash locations (and also where does trash go when using thunar)?

Let's talk trash (no not language). Laughing out loud Eye

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Joined: 2006-03-08

nautilus (GNOME) stores it's trash in ~/.Trash or, it you are on a different partition, in a .Trash directory there. example:
~/x/y/z/trashme.txt -> ~/.Trash/trashme.txt
/media/usb0/x/y/z/ -> /media/usb0/.Trash/trashme.txt

I would expect thunar to use similiar locations for no particular reason.
KDE stores its trash somewhere completely different (I don't know where) and moves files from other partitions there.

in nautilus, you have the risk of overfilling your USB stick, in KDE you have the risk of waiting too long for file deletes on the usb stick.

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Joined: 2006-05-04

From what I've seen KDE seems to have some sort of special place for its trash that can be accessed in konqueror by trash:/ It probably is a directory somewhere, but rather obscured.

Anyway, my ~/.Trash is apparently empty already. I just realized thunar actually permanently deletes stuff, which is pretty much OK with me. Smiling


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