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Which Vi Clone?

62% (8 votes)
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Plane old vi
31% (4 votes)
Total votes: 13


which vi clone?

If your a vi type of geek, which vi clone do you use, or do you use plain old vi?


I use plain old vi, nothing touches it, bu emacs slaps it in the face Eye



vim or plain vi

I use both vi and vim.

I don't use either, but would like to know more about those other clones..

I use nano for console based editing and usually kate or gedit for GUI (I preffer kate).

I voted for the plain vi version, but I actually use nvi. I think there's some confusion about the original vi versus vi clones - if I'm not mistaken, very few Linux/UNIX distributions really use the original vi anymore. It was pretty much discontinued in the BSD family ever since the release of 4.4BSD, when nvi was first implemented.

So yeah, I use the FreeBSD default vi clone on my server (nvi) and gVim on Windows.

Vim...nothing else comes close :-)

Normally I use Nano or Pico.
But of late I have been forced to use vi in my Unix Classes.
And it has grown on me.
So I use both
just plain VI tho

I just compiled and installed vile (vi like emacs). The name is quite right, it's an emacs-y vi. This is so disturbing I might actually learn to use it, just for the sake of being hated both by vi and by emacs users. :smt019 :smt096

vim. I can't live without syntax highlighting and VISUAL mode is really sweet.
I might add that most, if not all people who voted for "plain old vi" probably actually use nvi or vim's vi emulation...


My system holds vim, although I rarely use it. I got used to joe back at the time when I started using Linux and still use it most of the time.

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