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Xfce4.4 and Ubuntulooks powered theme

Xfce4.4 and Ubuntulooks powered theme

After some time of openboxing I am now on Xfce4.4 beta1, an awesome lightweight desktop environment. What this screenshot is showing, which is what I'm currently running, doesn't look like anything much different than I had on openbox. But there are still some benefits such as better support for the xfce panel in its own environment rather than in openbox and a faster and more straightforward way of configuring things, like desktop background. It's just a matter of clicking an icon in the panel that launches xfce-settings-manager.

This shot shows Thunar, Xfce terminal and a couple of adesklets (weather and wbcpu). The GTK theme used is based on the ubuntulooks engine which makes things a bit more shiney (and I like that). The theme used is PF-Blue with a plain Human icon set (copied from the actual Ubuntu installation). Sticking out tongue

I'm a sucker for the good looking desktop, so there, this looks good to me. Eye