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xfce configured my way

xfce configured my way

xfwm theme: Exiguous
gtk theme: Industrial
font: DejaVu Sans Condensed 10
terminal font: DejaVu Sans Mono Book 9

I configured bash such that the prompt only shows the last bit of the path, I don't need to be told who I am at every command (I'll get a default prompt when working as root so it will still be obvious when I'm root), and I do like to see a bit more of the path than only the name of the directory.
PS1='`pwd | sed -e "s/\/.*\/\(.*\/.*\/.*\)/*\/\1/"` $ '
Try it, love it.

As you can see I got rid of pretty much all information I don't need (the xfce panel autohides, too!), now the thing that annoys me most is bright colors... Can't get rid of all of those because I don't control the web Laughing out loud .


eh. PS1, sorry. It's in

eh. PS1, sorry. It's in .bashrc of course.

PS1='`pwd | sed -e "s/\/.*\/\(.*\/.*\/.*\)/*\/\1/"` $ '

You can also try it without making it permanent by copy-pasting that to your command line instead of putting it as a line in .bashrc

Where is this ps?

Where is this ps?

in the original post

in the original post Eye

I know use

I know use PROMPT='%?:%y:%24<...<%~%# ' (plus a few colour codes)

this means:
[exit status]:[line]:[truncated path][%(user) or #(root)]
so it's something like 0:pts/0:...ojects/afoc/modules%

but then, this is zsh...

If you read my PS1 carefully

If you read my PS carefully you'll see it shortens the path to */end/of/path

just after setting up Xfce

just after setting up Xfce to look good'n'allTM, I saw this post Smiling
anyway, interesting !
I'll keep your prompt in mind for the next zsh PROMPT editing session...
edit that time was just now, when I realized that I can't use an 80-character terminal AND a long prompt string AND paths like ~/code/projects/afoc/ .