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I'm considering switching to a different distribution. The reason is that I'm not happy about my recent experiences with archlinux.

- some time ago I had some spare time and decided to see if I could help someone in the #archlinux irc channel. I found some arch fans talking about ideas for trolling in #centos - and executing those ideas.

As you see the Arch and Slackware topics have been put in the same forum on The reason is simply the way I, as I think alot of other people do, percieve them as in many ways similar and gathering the kinds of people with similar taste and needs when it comes to the GNU/Linux flavor of their choice. In other words, those who like Slackware usually like Arch and vice versa. Same can be said about the general experience level that the two distro users seem to have.

Ok, I just finished downloading Arch 0.7.1. Tomorrow (it's too late here) I'm going to install it on my "test" machine. This will be the first time in ages I haven't used Debian or a derivative, or a Red Hat distro (RHEL or FC). So, anyone familiar with Arch have any tips for a noob like me? Any good docs or websites I should know about?